Letting Horton Out Of The Stable

 The following notice was posted on the “News & Events” page at the website for the White Horse Inn radio show–mark your calendars, and set your DVR’s, VCR’s, DVD Recorders, or whatever technology you may have nowadays . . .

Dr. Horton to Appear on CBS’s 60 Minutes

Currently scheduled for Sunday, Oct 14th, the interview will focus on the teaching and ministry of popular televangelist Joel Osteen, author of Your Best Life Now. 60 Minutes airs on CBS Sundays at 7 p.m. ET/PT (check your local listings).


2 responses

  1. I was at Dr. Horton’s church on Sunday and he did not mention this to me, I will have to have a talk with him next time I am there. But seriously, thanks John, I will definitely tune in to that. I had not heard of this yet.

  2. Dr. Horton was probably being humble, or he probably mentioned it a few weeks before you started visiting his church because if it’s on tv this weekend, it was certainly recorded weeks ago.

    And thanks to you for reminding me of what church he goes to, so now I have access to Horton Audio! I just finished listening to his lessons/lectures on Federal Vision and the New Perspective(s) on Paul.

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