Why Every Christian Should Build His Own Library

Al Mohler posted a great on Books, Libraries and the Ideal of Christian Scholarship, which reminds us of how Christianity is a religion of the written word, both inspired and uninspired.

He writes:

Christianity has been closely connected with the book and the written word from its inception. Books remain important to Christians–scholars and laypersons alike. We should be thankful that at this historical juncture the book is more accessible than ever. Serious Christians can and should start personal libraries of important and worthy Chrisitan books. Some will be large and some will be small, but each can serve us the way Jerome’s library served him–and blessed the church.

So how does one know which books are right to put in his own library? You’ll begin to figure that out for yourself as you read.


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  1. Ever since graduating from GSBC, I have had to re-build my library with books that are actually worth reading and referencing! I think I have somewhere near 400 books on the subjects of Marriage and Relationships, Counseling, Church health and growth, Cults and False religions, Bibliology, Hermeneutics and homiletics, Christian life issues, Prayer, Leadership, Pastoral Ministry, Eschatology, Contemporary Theology, History, Calvinism, Reference Bibles, Commentaries, Theology proper, etc…

  2. oh ya, most of the authors of these books are Reformed! 🙂

  3. I’d like a room like that for my library, except, I’d consider taking out the fireplace and replacing it with another bookcase!

  4. I’ve been in the same boat, pilgrim. Ran out of bookshelf space at home & the office. A great solution I found was Logos software. It’s pricy, but we’re talking tools of the trade here. Now I can pack nearly my entire pastoral library with me on my laptop.

  5. Will,

    I haven’t counted my books lately, all I know is I don’t have enough shelves to store/display them all. Obviously, the picture I posted is not my home. I’ve yet to find a decent place to install shelving like in the photo.

  6. I’m with you on replacing the fire place, Pilgrim. BTW, thanks for commenting, I just clicked over to your site and added your blog to my personal favorites list so I can check it out later (I need to get to bed soon–I work third shift and just got home from a 12 hour shift). Same goes for Rev Mack. Thanks for commenting, guys!

  7. I second the nomination of Logos, it is amazing. I also would suggest Librarything.com for those interested in cataloging their books. I use it and it is wonderful.

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