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Bible Questions on the History of the Kings of Judah and Israel, No. 2

Don’t you just love quizzes that give away the answers to earlier questions in the later ones? Surely you can at least figure some of these out this way, if you aren’t going to sit down with your Bible and find all of the answers to the following questions from The Sunday at Home: A Family Magazine for Sabbath Reading (issue 1032, February 7, 1874).

  1. By whom was the second king of Israel selected? Name his father, tribe and birthplace.
  2. What was his occupation when chosen to be king? Mention any passages in the Psalms which refer to this. Have we any clue to his character as a shepherd?
  3. Describe his personal appearance.
  4. Where was he anointed? By whom? What change was seen in him from that time?
  5. What brought him first to court? How was he regarded by King Saul?
  6. What led him to give up his pastoral work for that of a soldier? How did he at this time show his simple trust in God?
  7. We have seen how David became the object of Saul’s envy. Did any of his own family show a similar feeling toward him?
  8. David had to be trained for the great work which God had for him to do, and he needed trial to strengthen his character. Can you find any texts which speak of the blessing of affliction, even in early life?
  9. For many years from this time, David was an exile and a fugitive. Find the references to the following places where he took shelter—Ramah, Nob, Gath, Adullam, the forest of Hareth, Keilah, the wilderness of Ziph, Engedi, the wilderness of Paran, Gath (a second time), Ziklag.
  10. How did he meanwhile provide for the safety of his parents? Can you find anything in the history of his ancestors which may select a possible reason for selecting that country?
  11. Mention some occasions on which he showed want of faith, and show how in each case he brought himself into difficulties.
  12. Which Psalms appear to refer to this part of David’s life?


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Bible Questions on the History of the Kings of Judah and Israel, No. 1

This week, it’s not a “Scripture Enigma,” it’s the first in a series of questions on the history of the kings of Judah and Israel, from The Sunday at Home: A Family Magazine for Sabbath Reading (No. 1028–January 10, 1874).  This post will be updated with the answers in one week. By the way, Scripture Enigma, No. 1 has been updated with its answers. Please post any answers or guesses in the comments thread. Or comment on the anxiety such questions give you. You can even feel free to comment asking for hints. Anything! Just comment! 😉

  1. What reasons did the people of Israel assign for their wish to be governed by kings?
  2. How had they been previously governed?
  3. Where do you find that God had anticipated this desire, and what directions had He given with regard to it?
  4. By whom was the first king of Israel selected? Mention his name—his father—his tribe.
  5. Describe his personal appearance.
  6. By who was he anointed? And where? On what errand was he engaged at the time? What change came over him from that time?
  7. Where was he first proclaimed king? How did God show his displeasure with the people at the time?
  8. What indications can you find of filial obedience, modesty, and courage in the early history of Saul?
  9. For what reasons did God take the kingdom from him? When was this first told him, and by whom? How did the tidings affect Samuel?
  10. Give other passages from God’s Word, which teach us that outward observances of religion have no value with God unless accompanied by a life of obedience.
  11. Saul professed repentance—but what showed that his repentance was not sincere?
  12. From this time we see a great change in Saul. What affliction came upon him? How did he obtain relief?
  13. Have we any indications of a loss of personal courage?
  14. What aroused his jealousy of David?
  15. What does the Bible say about envy?
  16. From this time Saul’s heart was set on David’s death. Mention any occasions on which David narrowly escaped his enemy, and how he was delivered.
  17. Mention any indications of relenting.
  18. On what two occasions was Saul’s life spared when he was in David’s power?
  19. What proofs have we of the tender love between David and Jonathan, Saul’s son? Show that its foundation was laid in true religion.
  20. Saul was left by God. To whom then did he seek for help? And with what consequences?
  21. What was his end? Which of his sons died with him? By whom, and where were they buried?
  22. How long did Saul reign?
  23. What became of the other sons of Saul?


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