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God the Father drew me to faith in his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, as a boy who was raised in the Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) movement, where the broadly evangelical outlook and its  scholarship was suspect–sometimes for the right reasons, sometimes for the wrong reasons–but when I got a job at a local Christian bookstore as a teenager, my horizons were broadened by exposure to both. It was during these couple of formative years that I was first introduced to Reformed theology by Michael Horton (on a rare, early appearance on TBN, no less–and that’s no joke!), and little did I know that some folks in other store locations of my chain, including a couple of the executives, would, in the years that followed, aid in my understanding of the truth of Reformed theology.

As a fundamentalist, I wrestled with the instinct to learn all I could from whatever Christian source I could, regularly being reminded of the dangers of “missing heaven by 18 inches“, the distance between the head and the heart. I was constantly exhorted to pursue heart knowledge of the things of God, even at the expense of my head knowledge of the same. In time I came to realize that were my life a comic strip, it would be called, The Misadventures of Captain Head Knowledge!

Unlike many Reformed bloggers, I’m neither a scholar, nor the son of a scholar, but a mere Reformed theology geek looking to learn what I can, and share what I’ve learned. This is not always a pretty process, but by God’s grace through faith in his Word preached–a Word centered on the gospel of the sinless life, vicarious, atoning death, and victorious resurrection of Christ, I trust him to grant growth in a knowledge of him that indeed surpasses mere intellect, without calling me to neglect the believing life of the mind. Won’t you join me in my misadventures?

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The Misadventures of Jim & Sim

One of my most memorable misadventures overseas . . . ugh!

"I'm from Geneva, and I'm here to help!"

“I’m from Geneva, and I’m here to help!”


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