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Scripture Enigma, No. 4 Answers

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Answers to Scripture Enigma, No. 4

W-ater (John8:37,38)

A-rimathea (John19:38)

T-abitha (Acts 9:40)

C-armi (Joshua 7:1)

H-iddekel (Daniel 10:4)

A-mos (Amos 1:1)

N-oadiah (Nehemiah 6:14)

D-emetrius (Acts 19:24)

P-hinehas (Numbers 25:11-13)

R-ezin (2 Kings 16:6)

A-bel (2 Samuel 20:18)

Y-oke (Lamentations 3:27)


Scripture Enigma, No. 4

Scripture Enigma, No. 4

With apologies for the delay in posting these quizzes, here is Scripture Enigma, No. 4, from the February 14, 1874 (issue 1033) of The Sunday at Home: A Family Magazine for Sabbath Reading.

Post any answers you can figure out, or even wild guesses, in the comments thread. Answers will be posted next Friday. Have a nice weekend, and an edifying Lord’s Day.

An element sometimes used as a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

The place to which he belonged who, together with Nicodemus, buried Jesus.

A disciple whom Peter raised from the dead.

The father of Achan.

A river by the banks of which Daniel saw a vision.

An inspired herdman.

A prophetess who endeavoured to intimidate Nehemiah when engaged in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.

One who stirred up a revolt against Paul at Ephesus.

One who, for his godly zeal, had conferred pon him and his posterity an everlasting priesthood.

A king of Syria who drove the Jews from Elath.

A place of which it was proverbially said in old time, “They shall surely ask counsel, and so end the matter.”

That which it is good for a man to bear in his youth.

The initials of the above words form a solemn admonition given by our Saviour.

Scripture Enigma, No. 2

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Here’s Scripture Enigma, No. II from the January 17, 1874 edition of The Sunday at Home: A Family Magazine for Sabbath Reading.

Father of him whose songs to heaven ascend

Winged with a fire of more than mortal glow,

Who once was held a monarch’s dearest friend,

and then was deemed that monarch’s deadliest foe.

Usurper of a royal crown,

He reigned in wickedness and guilt;

But ere he laid his scepter down

Samaria by his will was built.

One of the rivers whose shadowless streams

Flowed where the sun’s unbroken beams

Shed light on Eden’s garden fair,

When sinless man still rested there.

A Syrian chief of high renown

To whom the leprous horror clave,

Who to be cleansed therefrom went down

And seven times washed in Jordan’s wave.

In the initials of each name combined

One of the twelve whom Jesus loved you’ll find.


Scripture Enigma, No. 1

Scripture Enigma, No. 1--The Sunday at Home, 1874

I have in my possession an antiquarian volume which contains all the issues of a weekly religious magazine from England published in the year 1874. The book and magazine are called The Sunday at Home: A Family Magazine for Sabbath Reading. Each issue includes articles on various topics related to the Christian faith, family devotionals, even serial novels. But one of the most intriguing features of this magazine is a little quiz called “Scripture Enigma.” These are often really, really tough! In the light of the recent reports of very poor biblical literacy on the part of evangelicals, perhaps it would be appropriate to challenge you to crack open your Bibles to track down the solutions to some of these riddles. I’m planning to post one each week in the hopes that some of you will take up the challenge and post your answers in the comments thread. In some of the quizzes, the first letter of each answer will spell a word that solves the riddle that comes after the numbered list of other riddles. This is the case in this week’s “Enigma.” Other weeks will feature other sorts of biblical mind-teasers.  I’ll update these posts with the correct answers the following week, and then I’ll post the next quiz. So, without further ado, grab your Bibles!




1. Sweet home! from whence the feet of Jesus sped

with tender sympathy to raise the dead.


2. ‘Twas Rezin’s mighty king this city chose,

To give to Syria, driving thence her foes.


3. From out these vineyards came a lion wild,

In angry rage, ‘gainst Manoah’s favour’d child.


4. Within this city’s walls they mourned for shame,

When evil tidings of Damascus came.


5. An aged patriarch, ere he closed his life,

Bade his loved son go seek from thence a wife.


6. Oh! woe was thine, for those who dwelt in thee,

Through Israel’s sword, entered captivity.


7. This city of the Jews in peace he trod,

Waiting in faith the kingdom of his God.


8. There the disciples saw there risen Lord,

and worshipped him, though not with one accord.


9. “Go to this land,” he said, “there corn to buy;

Hasten, my sons, or we shall surely die.”


Nearing Jerusalem, to this place they came

(My nine initial letters tell its name),

Where Jesus bade his two disciples speed

To loose a colt, and say the Lord hath need.

Thine, mighty God, is all on land and sea;

Yet, wondrous love! the Lord has need of thee.




BETHPHAGE – Matt. 21:1

1. Bethany  (John 11:1)

2. Elath (2 Kings 16:6)

3. Timnath (Judges 14:5,6)

4. Hamath (Jeremiah 49:23)

5. Padan-aram (Genesis 28:1)

6. Heshbon (Numbers 21:25)

7. Arimathea (Mark 15:43)

8. Galilee (Matthew 28:16,17)

9. Egypt (Genesis 42:1,2)


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