Scripture Enigma, No. 2

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Here’s Scripture Enigma, No. II from the January 17, 1874 edition of The Sunday at Home: A Family Magazine for Sabbath Reading.

Father of him whose songs to heaven ascend

Winged with a fire of more than mortal glow,

Who once was held a monarch’s dearest friend,

and then was deemed that monarch’s deadliest foe.

Usurper of a royal crown,

He reigned in wickedness and guilt;

But ere he laid his scepter down

Samaria by his will was built.

One of the rivers whose shadowless streams

Flowed where the sun’s unbroken beams

Shed light on Eden’s garden fair,

When sinless man still rested there.

A Syrian chief of high renown

To whom the leprous horror clave,

Who to be cleansed therefrom went down

And seven times washed in Jordan’s wave.

In the initials of each name combined

One of the twelve whom Jesus loved you’ll find.



2 responses

  1. Jesse, Omri, Hiddekel and Naaman – Spelling the name of the Disciple John.


    1. Hooray! A breakthrough! Thanks for being the first to contribute your answers. Don’t forget to check back next Thursday for the official update, and, of course, to get the next quiz!

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