Scripture Enigma, No. 4

Scripture Enigma, No. 4

With apologies for the delay in posting these quizzes, here is Scripture Enigma, No. 4, from the February 14, 1874 (issue 1033) of The Sunday at Home: A Family Magazine for Sabbath Reading.

Post any answers you can figure out, or even wild guesses, in the comments thread. Answers will be posted next Friday. Have a nice weekend, and an edifying Lord’s Day.

An element sometimes used as a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

The place to which he belonged who, together with Nicodemus, buried Jesus.

A disciple whom Peter raised from the dead.

The father of Achan.

A river by the banks of which Daniel saw a vision.

An inspired herdman.

A prophetess who endeavoured to intimidate Nehemiah when engaged in rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem.

One who stirred up a revolt against Paul at Ephesus.

One who, for his godly zeal, had conferred pon him and his posterity an everlasting priesthood.

A king of Syria who drove the Jews from Elath.

A place of which it was proverbially said in old time, “They shall surely ask counsel, and so end the matter.”

That which it is good for a man to bear in his youth.

The initials of the above words form a solemn admonition given by our Saviour.


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