Full Confidence Audio

I can't wait to load these messages on my iPod!

At last we are able to download the lectures delivered at the recent Full Confidence Conference at Grace Community Presbyterian Church in Ft. Worth, Texas. A link to the messages may be found on GCPC’s home page, or you can simply link to the messages from the list below.

Having heard the lectures in person myself, I must say that I was awed by Dr. Oliphint’s ability to make the point of his messages (both the one at the conference, and his Sunday morning sermon at Mid Cities OPC, which I will provide in a future post) very powerfully by presenting opposing viewpoints, effectively dismantling them, and then so unpacking the truth of God’s Word in such a way, that the hearer (at least, I was) has such a clear concept in his mind of the given topic that it is simply overwhelming, effectively prompting a spontaneous response of worship of the Lord.

Also, don’t miss Dr. Oliphint’s remarks about hell at the end of the Q&A session. It’ll prove a helpful defense of the orthodox doctrine of eternal conscious torment in hell in the light of the current controversy with Rob Bell.

Likewise, Dr. David Garner’s communication skills shone through in his messages. He is a genuine word smith.

I’m sure that you, too, will find much to admire and learn from each of the three conference speakers.

Session 1: The Context for Confidence (Dr. K. Scott Oliphint)

Session 2: the Gospel from Above (Dr. David Garner–not recorded due to technical difficulties)

Session 3: Who Says? (Dr. Timothy Witmer)

Session 4: Vital Inspiration in a Virtual World and Q&A Session (Dr. David Garner/All of the above)


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