You Have Not Because You Ask Not!

Introducing the All-New Captain Headknowledge!
Introducing the All-New Captain Headknowledge!

Professional Clown Caricaturist, Angel Contreras is from Chicago, and he’s here to help! The beautiful new portrait of Captain Headknowledge you see to the right was a gift from the immensely talented artist whose artwork some of you may have noticed enhancing James White’s Alpha & Omega Ministries website ( Well, you know, email is indeed one of God’s good gifts in this new electronic media! Need I say more?

The reason I asked in the first place was because the picture I’ve been using is not my own creation. I found it somewhere on the web and saved it, once upon a time. For a while I tried to design my own Captain Headknowledge character, but never could come up with anything original, so I broke down and added that picture to my sidebar, to give the character a face. It was a perfect fit, but I didn’t quite feel right using someone else’s art without their knowledge or permission. That’s why I recently asked Angel to come up with a version that I could truly claim as the real Captain Headknowledge. I actually did originally offer to pay, but he replied that if I let him do it on the side on his own timetable, he would do it for free. I didn’t argue with his wisdom for long, as you can tell.
Now, this is not a suggestion that you should inundate my friend with requests for free art! He is a professional, after all. But I did want to display his generosity and thank him publicly for being willing to be such a blessing to a poor, little blogger in the shallow end of the blogosphere! I have to run off to church, now, but soon, you will not only see this picture in a post, but it will be replacing the old Captain Headknowledge portrait in the sidebar, until I learn how to do more creative things with the banner atop my blog.
Thanks again, Angel! You’re my artistic HERO!!!

26 responses

  1. Very very cool.
    The Watcher

  2. Thank you very very much.

  3. Did you send him a photograph of you, or have you guys met in person? I am struck by the resemblence that occurs between your actual countenance and that of the picture.


  4. Boy, am I looking that old? You’ve got a pretty good eye, considering all the facial hair, and the lack thereof on me!

  5. Awesome picture, John. Looks great. You should be able to open the picture in paint or another publishing program and cut out just the head and use that for you my profile image. You can even use it to create a cool favicon under settings / blog picture.

  6. Bob,

    Okay, Blog picture cropped and changed. So why don’t I see it changed in the comments thread and in my recent comments box in the sidebar? Do I need to give it more time?

  7. Only pingbacks and the favicon will go off of your “blog picture”. Your profile picture is used for your own comments. They give you the option to crop when you upload, so you could upload the entire new picture then crop only the head portion and you should be set (for your pingbacks and favicons). Then you can right click on the sample pictures they’ll show you and hit save picture as, and save a copy of the cropped version. Then upload the new pic for your profile picture and you’ll have everything be the same picture.

  8. your profile pic should be accessible under the “my profile” link next to “settings”, or it might be named “users”. If “users” click on your posting name then you’ll see the profile pic. Hope this helps.

  9. I as well like it, “I like it!”

  10. Bob,

    Thanks for your foresight and the good advice. Looks like I finally got the profile images all changed over. As for your favicon, you know I don’t know enough to advise you on what you ought to do with it all. But it seems to me. . . well, I’ll finish my two cents worth over on your blog where it belongs.

  11. It’s looking good, John. Now you got to have your favicon (blog picture) match your profile image. Currently your old Calvin is the favicon and the new Calvin superhero is the profile pic. And for both of them if you can zoom in a bit more on the face it’d be better, I know you want to get the Bible in there too, it’s hard being so small (for the favicon).

    Now back to my blog to ask a question of you there re: my favicon… 😉

  12. Michael,

    I really, REALLY like it!!!

  13. Hmmmm, I was going to ask, “REALLY”? But really, I have said enough already, really!

  14. Michael,

    Enough? So far you’ve said far less than usual but with the same amusing personality.

  15. Well, looky thar! After five consecutive comments featuring my new profile picture, in my last comment to Michael, the old profile image fights back! Just goes to show you how competent I am under the hood of my own blog, I guess . . .

  16. Yeah. See what I mean? The new guy’s back! Stick around, this time, new & improved Capt.!!

    You’ve heard of talking to yourself? I guess this is blogging to yourself.

  17. Funny, John. The old guy still has the favicon spot, though…

  18. I’m not sure but WordPress just changed something with (which they bought). So if you have a account, update your image there and WP will use that. Or go to your profile image and update it yet again. I see the old guy now as the favicon but not as your profile image (near your comments).

    Crazy! Or you can send an email to wordpress (just use the “support” button on the top right of your dashboard.)

  19. Don’t wanna jinx it or anything, but I think it’s finally cleared up! Now the old picture is only featured in the new CHK Gallery page . . .

  20. It looks good! I hope a second comment stating it is working doesn’t jinx it.

    Now off to see your new gallery page….

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  22. Calvin has always been one of my super-heroes. Nicely done.

  23. More powerful than a locomotive full of Arminians! Would make a great poster.

  24. I’m thinking T-shirts, posters, banners, mugs…the possibilities are endless!

    If John would have it.

    1. It would probably be more appropriate to take it up with the artist himself, Angel Contrares. Here’s his FB page:

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