Theological & Doxological Meditations #39

The Duty God Requires of Man 

Q.    What is the duty God requires of man? 

A.    The duty which God requires of man is obedience to his revealed will (Micah 6:8; I Samuel15:22). 

O For A Closer Walk With God

#534, The Trinity Hymnal (© 1990)

William Cowper, 1779 

O for a closer walk with God,

a calm and heav’nly frame,

a light to shine upn the road

that leads me to the Lamb! 

Return, O holy Dove, return,

sweet messenger of rest;

I hate the sins that made thee mourn,

and drove thee from my breast. 

The dearest idol I have known,

whate’er that idol be,

help me to tear it from thy throne,

and worship only thee. 

So shall my walk be close with God,

calm and serene my frame;

so purer light shall mark the road

that leads me to the Lamb.  


2 responses

  1. I love your mix of humor with the serious reflections. You do a wonderful job of harmonizing everything. Keep up the good work and again, sorry for the dig on my blog:)

  2. What dig! I’m going to have to go look into this! As for my mix of the serious and the humorous, I first heard it said on an episode of MASH: “We laugh, lest we cry!” When it comes to church and doctrine, I’m text book, but that is not a reflection on my sense of humor.

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