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Misadventures Around the Blogosphere

misadventures-around-the-blogosphere1Attention: Commenter Kevin Moon–You’ve recently been expressing a serious desire (here¬†and here)to observe me handle a blog topic with Scripture. Well, here you go, Brother! Whaddaya think?

In other news, I had a thing or two to say about the validity, or lack thereof, of Henry Morris’ brand of evangelical scientific creationism over at Fundamentally Reformed. Some of you may find this exchange challenging. If so, be sure to let me hear about it.

Bob Memed Me

Bob memed me. Apparently, this is some blogging game. Guess I’ll play along. But first, of course, I had tobaptist-successionism1 check out Wikipedia on “meme.” Did you know it’s roots lie in evolutionary theory, ala Richard Dawkins (you know, the famous atheist?–boy, this stuff is begging for the right uptight Christian blogger to step up on the nearest soapbox!) ūüėȬ† This recent theory got applied to the internet to create the phenomenon of the “internet meme.”

Okay, Bob says the rules are find the nearest book; open to page 123; count the first five full sentences; post the following three sentences; tag five other bloggers. Okay, here goes. The book I found is called Theodosia Ernest Or, The Heroine of Faith (you can read it online here), by nineteenth century Baptist Successionist A. C. Dayton at the suggestion of J. R. Graves (the father of modern Baptist Successionism in America). The story of Theodosia Ernest is a fictitious debate sparked by the discovery of a young Presbyterian lady that the Bible seemed to her to better support “Baptist baptism” than it does the Presbyterian infant baptism which she’d received herself. A debate ensues between her pastor and a Baptist preacher (I think one or two others, but I forget) about what the Bible and church history (read the Baptist Successionist theory of church history) reveal about baptism. Anyway, here’s the quote:

“It is embapto, bapto, or baptizo, young gentlemen. Why did you not refer to your English and Greek Lexicon? That would have enabled you to answer the question for yourselves.”

So, there you have it. Hope that was worthwhile. Now, Alan,¬†Matthew, Kyle, Christian, Sean–tag! You’ve been memed!

Did I do it right, Bob?

Technical Difficulties

What’s New in the Sidebar?

For the past couple of weeks my computer has been down, and I’ve been restricted to blogging from work for the time being, but I thought for now, I’d direct your attention to some of the new features in the sidebar. I’ve written a short bio for those readers who don’t know me, which may also shed a little light on me for those who thought they knew me. See “About Me” in the sidebar.

Also, I’ve been adding links to my Recommended Websites and Reformed Broadcasting pages. There are some pretty interesting resources over there, but if I told you what they were here, you wouldn’t over there to see them.

Have a nice week.

Taking the Summer Off . . . Sorta

Captain Headknowledge will be returning to the Fortress of Solitude for the summer. You may encounter him in the occaissional comment thread here and there, and there may be a few additions made to the Theological & Doxological Meditations now and then, but other than that, it’ll be pretty quiet around here. If you want to make sure you don’t miss something when there is new posting, be sure you are subscribed to receive email alerts (see sidebar).

May God bless you this summer. See you in the funny papers!

First Edition of the Daily Evangel Rolls Off the Press!

The Daily EvangelSpider-Man has the Daily Bugle; Superman has the Daily Planet; now, your (all ten of you) favorite Reformed superhero, Captain Headknowledge features a newspaper of his own . . . The Daily Evangel!

That’s right: The Daily Evangel. I thought this would not only be a clever imitation of¬†Clark Kent’s¬†newspaper, but that it would also be a daily reminder to those of you who believe in Christ-Centered Preaching, and Living the Cross-Centered Life, to “preach the gospel to yourself.”

I know that a few days ago, I set up RSS feeds to Reformation Theology and Out of Ur, to direct you to more solid Reformed reading and to keep your finger on the pulse of “The State of Evangelicalism.” Well, the idea took root in that condition, but now it is bearing fruit in a different form.

Just under the list of pages in the sidebar, you’ll notice the Daily Planet-like logo of the Daily Evangel, under which will follow the ESV Daily Bible Verse, “Reformed News & Views,” featuring the RSS feed from Reformation21, and “Evangelical News & Views,” featuring that of Christianity Today Magazine. I’m toying with politics and sports (don’t get excited, guys, sports to me is arguing theology–hint-hint!), but those sections haven’t gelled just yet, so, to mix my¬†metaphors, “stay tuned.” In the meantime, I hope you benefit from the daily short Scripture reading and from keeping up with current events and “commentary”¬†on the Reformed and Evangelical fronts in the headlines of the Daily Evangel–and most of all, don’t forget to preach the gospel to yourself everyday to strengthen your faith and sanctification!

The Pelagian Drinking Song

Several years ago, back when I worked at “The Reformation Station,” Dr. Tom Browning taught a series¬† on “The History of the Doctrine of Justification” (which I hear¬†will be available in the future from his website!) at Arlington Presbyterian Church, Arlington, Texas. One of the lessons was on the debate between Augustine and Pelagius over the necessity of God’s grace in overcoming original sin. Dr. Browning had requested that my then¬†boss, Randy Buster (founder of “The Reformation Station”), arrange a tune to a song he’d dug up in his studies about Pelagianism. It’s a hilarious song called “The Pelagian Drinking Song.”

I recently thought to email these dear brothers of mine to request the recording of Randy Buster’s arrangement of Hillaire Belloc’s “The Pelagian Drinking Song” and permission to blog about it. You can listen to this recording in the black widget toward the bottom of my sidebar.

And now, without further ado, I give you, “The Pelagian Drinking Song,” by Hilaire Belloc, through the teaching ministry of Dr. Tom Browning and the musical arrangement and perfomance of Randy Buster:

The Pelagian Drinking Song, by Hillaire Belloc (1870 – 1953)

Pelagius lived at Kardanoel
And taught a doctrine there
How, whether you went to heaven or to hell
It was your own affair.
It had nothing to do with the Church, my boy,
But was your own affair.

No, he didn’t believe
In Adam and Eve
He put no faith therein!
His doubts began
With the Fall of Man
And he laughed at Original Sin.
With my row-ti-tow
He laughed at original sin.

Then came the bishop of old Auxerre
Germanus was his name
He tore great handfuls out of his hair
And he called Pelagius shame.
And with his stout Episcopal staff
So thoroughly whacked and banged
The heretics all, both short and tall ‚Äď
They rather had been hanged.

Oh he whacked them hard, and he banged them long
Upon each and all occasions
Till they bellowed in chorus, loud and strong
Their orthodox persuasions.
With my row-ti-tow
Their orthodox persuasions.

Now the faith is old and the Devil bold
Exceedingly bold indeed.
And the masses of doubt that are floating about
Would smother a mortal creed.
But we that sit in a sturdy youth
And still can drink strong ale
Let us put it away to infallible truth
That always shall prevail.

And thank the Lord
For the temporal sword
And howling heretics too.
And all good things
Our Christendom brings
But especially barley brew!
With my row-ti-tow
Especially barley brew!

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