First Edition of the Daily Evangel Rolls Off the Press!

The Daily EvangelSpider-Man has the Daily Bugle; Superman has the Daily Planet; now, your (all ten of you) favorite Reformed superhero, Captain Headknowledge features a newspaper of his own . . . The Daily Evangel!

That’s right: The Daily Evangel. I thought this would not only be a clever imitation of Clark Kent’s newspaper, but that it would also be a daily reminder to those of you who believe in Christ-Centered Preaching, and Living the Cross-Centered Life, to “preach the gospel to yourself.”

I know that a few days ago, I set up RSS feeds to Reformation Theology and Out of Ur, to direct you to more solid Reformed reading and to keep your finger on the pulse of “The State of Evangelicalism.” Well, the idea took root in that condition, but now it is bearing fruit in a different form.

Just under the list of pages in the sidebar, you’ll notice the Daily Planet-like logo of the Daily Evangel, under which will follow the ESV Daily Bible Verse, “Reformed News & Views,” featuring the RSS feed from Reformation21, and “Evangelical News & Views,” featuring that of Christianity Today Magazine. I’m toying with politics and sports (don’t get excited, guys, sports to me is arguing theology–hint-hint!), but those sections haven’t gelled just yet, so, to mix my metaphors, “stay tuned.” In the meantime, I hope you benefit from the daily short Scripture reading and from keeping up with current events and “commentary” on the Reformed and Evangelical fronts in the headlines of the Daily Evangel–and most of all, don’t forget to preach the gospel to yourself everyday to strengthen your faith and sanctification!


3 responses

  1. John,

    this is great!

    I already have one “Evangel” in my life who keeps me focused on Reformed Theology! He is my son Zadok “Evangel” named Evangel in honor of his grandmother, Evangelista. He is just turned 14. His brother, Hosea is seventeen. The whirlwind never ceases in these parts and their mother provides “most” of the wind and I whirl because of her wind!

    Couldn’t we have at least one calm day a week in here?

    Now this one. I am sure now I will make it gladly to the other side!


  2. John,
    Don’t you have a job? Don’t you have a family? Don’t you sleep or eat or have a hobby other than bashing evangelicals (I’m kidding!!!) I write one short thought a day and I am worn out. Now you’re going to publish a newspaper?

    I stand amazed in the presence. . .


  3. Boy, I don’t know how to answer your jokes about my job, family and love for keeping evangelicals’ feet to the fire without incriminating myself, so, I guess I better just stick to saying thanks for the amazement, but really it’s just a little imagination, some clip art and RSS feeds. Since my job doesn’t require much brain power, I’ve got time to dream up silly things like this. Hope it helps us keep in step with the times in both the
    Reformed and broader evangelical communities.

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