What’s New in the Sidebar?

For the past couple of weeks my computer has been down, and I’ve been restricted to blogging from work for the time being, but I thought for now, I’d direct your attention to some of the new features in the sidebar. I’ve written a short bio for those readers who don’t know me, which may also shed a little light on me for those who thought they knew me. See “About Me” in the sidebar.

Also, I’ve been adding links to my Recommended Websites and Reformed Broadcasting pages. There are some pretty interesting resources over there, but if I told you what they were here, you wouldn’t over there to see them.

Have a nice week.


3 responses

  1. I noticed some of the sidebar stuff a while back. I like the bio.

    Way to tweak the design of your blog, too! It’s great when WordPress does the work for you!

    Blessings, bro.


  2. Bob,

    Good to hear from you. But you’ll notice, I’ve already gone and switched my theme back to the original. A newspaper style format really needs serifs!!!

  3. Yea I saw the WP post that said the original theme was still available. I think it does look better this way.

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