Boundless Creation of an Infinite God

Dr. Phil Ryken, pastor of the historic Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and one of the team of bloggers at, wrote an interesting post on how now matter how micro we go, there seems to continue to be something smaller to investigate, just as how matter how macro we go, there seems to be more universe out there yet to discover.

Like the song says, I “don’t know much about . . .” science, but this was an interesting read that will lead you to contemplate not only just how complex and infinite the universe is, but also just how infinite the Creator of the universe is. You can read Dr. Ryken’s thoughts here. By the way, he’s preaching a great series on Ecclesiastes. I recommend that you follow it at his page.

“The heavens declare the glory of God. . . .” (Psalm 19:1a)


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  1. Great article, thanks John. Just when we think we’ve hit the limit, I predict new horizons will continue to appear.

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