Classic Video Of Dr. Michael Horton on The Agony of Deceit

The following line-up of videos features a series of classic interviews with a very young Dr. Michael Scott Horton promoting a now out-of-print book he edited on the Word of Faith movement (the so-called “prosperity preachers” or “faith healers”) called The Agony of Deceit. Please take the time to listen to the things Dr. Horton has to say in describing the content of his research and that of several other sound and prominent scholars, ministers and otherwise expert witnesses regarding the spiritual devastation that the blasphemous heresies of the Word of Faith movement has brought to unsuspecting souls around the world.

Another important work that the host promotes is A Different Gospel: Biblical and Historical Insights into the Word of Faith Movement, by former ORU adjunct professor D.R. McConnell, which identifies Kenneth “Dad” Hagin (so-called “Father of the Faith Movement”) as nothing more than the plagiarizing popularizer of the teaching of New Thought practitioner E.W. Kenyon (this article summarizes McConnell’s case).

These interviews were filmed perhaps around 1992. You can sense the excitment the host of this apparently low-budget Austin, Texas-based Christian cable program experienced to have the opportunity to host Dr. Horton as he relates to viewers like you and me “the agony of deceit.” I know this is old news, but so few believers have had the opportunity to give a hearing to material such as this exposing the depth of the heresy involved in the otherwise cartoonish movement that enters everyone’s homes through television, my desire is to do my small and feeble part in continuing to promote the truth, considering how disproportionately well-known are the propagandists of the positive-confession/prosperity gospel.  How true it is that a lie is halfway around the world before the truth has got its boots on.

The Agony of the Health and Wealth Gospel, Part 1: Historical Roots of this False Religion

Part 2: Touch Not The Lord’s Anointed Gods

Part 3: Miracles For Money

Part 4: The Cult of the Tele-Evangelists

Part 5: Negative Positive Confession


4 responses

  1. Thanks for posting this program; I watched them a while back. Horton lands a decisive theological death blows to the prosperity (false) gospel. What these videos lack in terms of a production budget they more than make up for in terms of truth and discernment. (Also, I’m glad to see Dr. Horton “repented” of that mustache!)

    1. *I’m one to criticize this show’s production value: I made no fewer than two grammatical errors in my brief comment!

    2. Thanks for acknowledging it. Even if it is a rerun for you. But I join you in relief of Horton’s losing not only moustache, but also the glasses…

  2. An eye opening interview exposing false doctrines of the Word of Faith preaching and charletons.

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