Yes, Virginia, There Is A St. Nicholas Movie (Or Will Be).

I was just thinking a couple of weeks ago that a movie about the life of St. Nicholas of Myra, source of the Santa Claus legend, ought to be made. I just learned today that someone is working on it. I, for one, will be counting the days, weeks and months until its release next year! Read and view more about it at

My thanks to the Puritan Lad at his blog, Christianity in History, for bringing this to my attention. He includes a summary of the possible events in the ancient Bishop’s life which have survived to this day.

Merry Christmas!


4 responses

  1. Tried the video and they said it was no longer available.


    Post Tenebras Lux
    Gage Browning

  2. Sorry it didn’t work for you, Gage. It’s working just fine on this end. Just go to the movie site and there are plenty of videos to choose from. I recommend the web documentary, featuring a visit from an Anglican Canon in charge of the St. Nicholas Society in England who toured the filmmakers’ facility. At the end of the segment, you just gotta see for yourself what the good Canon blesses the movie makers with, and hear how excited they were for it.

  3. Thanks Cap’n.

    Gage Browning
    Post Tenebras Lux

  4. […] Keep in mind that next year they’re finally going to release the St. Nicholas movie! At least that’s what they’re saying this year. I’ve been waiting for it since last year. […]

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