Audio of Adrian and Dr. Tolar!

May I introduce to you our fascinating tour guide, Adrian?

Our Fascinating, British-Israeli Guide, Adrian!

This interesting little British guy was brought to Israel as a child by his devout, Jewish parents. He works primarily for the Israeli national parks service around the Dead Sea area, but also teaches English as a second language to his fellow Israeli citizens in addition to his brilliant career as a tour guide for eager American evangelicals like myself. He can speak Hebrew, Arabic, and Spanish in addition to his native tongue, the Queen’s English.

I have posted a few recordings of Adrian’s fascinating presentations on the bus and at various sites around Israel on my account, which can be accessed here, or in the future, from my CHK Multimedia page, on which you can click the “Audio for Mind and Heart” link and listen to the files posted December 12, 2007.  Adrian’s talks include info regarding all sides of all issues (as much as he’s aware, anyway, which is quite a bit!), historical, geographical, economic, religious (often representing Christian, Jewish and Muslim views).

Dr. William Tolar, Retired Professor of Biblical Backgrounds, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Some of the audio files also include recordings of Dr. William Tolar (more on his credentials later), interspersed throughout. He is equally interesting, considering he is a retired professor of Biblical Backgrounds from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. In the image above, Dr. Tolar is standing at the foot of the Areopagus in Greece, the site where Paul preached the famous sermon about the “Unknown God” of the Athenians (Acts 17:16-34). The Greek text of Paul’s sermon is inscribed on the plaque over Dr. Tolar’s shoulder.


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