End Time Redux

Dr. Kim Riddlebarger, Pastor of Christ Reformed Church, Anaheim, California, Co-Host of The White Horse Inn Radio Show and Author of A Case For Amillennialism, and Man of Sin, posted a notice about a third revision of the late, leading dispensational scholar, John Walvoord’s book originally entitled Oil, Armageddon and the Middle East. The post is called, “Old Dispensationalists Never Die . . . And They Never Seem To Fade Away.” I share his opinion that the reason books like Walvoord’s must be continually revised, updating the facts of current events, is because Dipsensational Premillennialism is fundamentally flawed as a way of interpreting Scripture in general and end-times prophecy (eschatology) in particular.
For the record, as the biblical alternative to Dispensationalism, I am learning how Scripture is correctly interpreted along the lines of what is today called Covenant Theology, or Covenantal Hermeneutics.

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