Second Creation, Second Adam

1. Noah is the earthly Second Adam. God used him to recreate a world in which the people to whom he promised salvation would be able to find it in the spiritual Second Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ.

a. The Earth was created by being brought out from under the water (Gen. 1:1-2, 6-10), and it was recreated by being brought out from under the water (Gen. 8:13-19).

b. When God created the world, he made a creation covenant which detailed how things were to be done on the Earth, and after the flood, he made a new creation covenant that built on the original one (9:1-17).

i. Repeats the command to multiply (vs. 1, 7).
ii. Allows man to eat meat for the first time (vs. 2-4).
iii. Institutes death sentence for those who commit murder (vs. 5-6).
iv. God promises mercy with a covenant sign, the rainbow (vs. 8-17).

2. Jesus was the spiritual Second Adam because Adam was the photographic negative of Jesus(Romans 5:14-19).

a. All whom Adam represented were condemned to die as sinners because of his one sin; All whom Jesus represented are justified to live righteous because of his one act of obedience.

b. Jesus, the spiritual Second Adam, is the Seed of the Woman (Genesis 3:15) whom Noah trusted and obeyed; like Noah, we are called to trust and obey Jesus (John 3:16).


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