Tombstoned Misadventures

Here’s a brilliant piece of artwork by talented, believing caricaturist, Angel Contreras, whose website is Art4Clowns and his on-again, off-again blog (as mine has been lately), Torched By An Angel. Angel’s art frequently encapsulates the exploits of Reformed Baptist apologist extraordinaire, James R. White of Alpha & Omega Ministries. I recommend you scroll through White’s pages for more of Angel’s art and, of course, White’s apologetics. James White took a mere seventeen days to write and refute the recent “Misadventure of Jim & Sim.”
Another of White’s recent publications is his debate with Dave Hunt, Debating Calvinism.


4 responses

  1. Thanks for the props!
    btw…its “contreras”;)

  2. Christian West | Reply

    Once we get all this stuff discovered then we will be able to prove that Jesus actually lived and died. . .and maybe lived again. I know just taking God’s Word for it is a little outrageous, so let find the stuff, or, if that proves to difficult, make some up. Who’ll know?

  3. Angel,

    Sorry about the misspelling. I must be hookt on fonix!

    Keep the visual commentary coming. And also, thanks for giving my word ‘misadventure’ some more visibility among the James White Crowd.

  4. Past–er, uh, C.W.,

    The spirit of relics comes in many forms. I’m looking forward to seeing with my own eyes some things the Bible tells me about this November!

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