C. H. Dodd Turns 123!

Birth of C. H. Dodd, English clergyman and Bible scholar. Dodd became the most influential British New Testament scholar of the mid-20th century, and penned over a dozen books, including “The Parables of the Kingdom” (1934).

I have a copy of a lecture given by D. A. Carson on (I think) Justification by Faith in Luther’s Verse, Romans 1:17. It was very educational and even entertaining. Dr. Carson has that kind of intimidating edge when he lectures that makes you fear ever having to debate him, but sometimes that kind of edge is also a great source of humor. One of my favorite humorous asides Carson shared in this lecture was a limerick someone wrote to poke fun of our subject, Dr. C. H. Dodd:

There was a professor called Dodd,

Whose name was exceedingly odd;

He spelled, if you please,

His name with three “D’s,”

When one was sufficient for God.

Carson’s commentary on this limerick was that it wasn’t any sort of theological critique, but it did a great deal of good at the time. Examine this Wikipedia article on C. H. Dodd to learn for what issues he may have deserved such treatment.

4 responses

  1. Very Funny…

  2. Mission accomplished!

  3. Baptist Crusader | Reply

    Actually, I was just reading in Howard Marshals New International commentary on John’s Epistles, how he disagreed with Dodd’s interpretation of “anointing” and “unction” in chapter 2.

    Well, now i can put a face with a name!

  4. John D. Chitty | Reply

    Yeah, I think Carson brought up Dodd in his lecture saying that he advocated replacing the concept of propitiation with the concept of expiation. Definitely a misadventure!

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