Praying in Agreement

I know I haven’t posted anything new since Monday, but I have been a little busy surpringly introducing one of my most frequent commenters, Michael, whose online identity is natamllc, to his own theological tradition. I know many of my readers have corresponded with Michael in the past. Hope you don’t mind the “face time” on my blog, Michael! But I thought our conversation was interesting enough to share, and to draw others into.

Our discussion began back on Tuesday, January 16, about T. D. Jakes’ Oneness theology. When Michael suggested we “agree” in prayer for Jakes’ repentence from Oneness modalism to orthodox Trinitarian theology, at the risk of “quenching the Spriit” I just couldn’t leave well enough alone for the sake of “unity.”

Perhaps I wasn’t as charitable as I advocate one ought to be in the face of non-essentials, but sometimes, some of us Calvinists believe in confrontation with a view toward greater unity in the long run.

For a little background, go back and read “Unity at the Expense of the Truth,” and notice our comments there, and then check out the comment thread in the previous post entitled, “Theological and Doxological Meditation #32.”

This is a call to my fellow Reformed bloggers, with special experience with charismatic theology. Critique my criticism of praying in agreement. Did I over react? Did I explain myself well? Did I miss the mark? Michael and I are both out to learn more!

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  1. John,

    no, I don’t mind. I have one too.


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