Reforming 21st Century Patriarchy

I read a great article on the hard times Christian patriarchy is having among evangelicals. It seems in this generation, we’ve generally conceded, yet at least attempt to hold onto the form of biblical patriarchy in theory or on paper, but in practice we are for the most part living the life of the “egalitarian.” Please read this important wake up call found at Reformation 21. If you aren’t challenged and motivated, and given a clearer understanding of how counter-cultural we would be as Christians (you know, kind of how the first century church “turned the world upside down?”) were we practicing what we preach on this facet of the Christian life, then you must already be perfect. Ha! That’s a good one!!! Posted by Picasa


2 responses

  1. if we want to be counter cultural we ought to begin with the reform of worship, period. not with these issues.


  2. John D. Chitty | Reply

    You’ll get no dispute from me on that point, zrim.

    However, considering in how many different areas the modern western church stands in need of reformation, the way an individual or a church may prayerfully strategize to reform these things will differ from person to person and from church to church as far as I can tell.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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