Gospel Catechism

1. Q. What is the Gospel?
A. The Gospel is the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. Q. What did the Lord Jesus Christ do in his life?
A. The Lord Jesus Chrsit perfectly obeyed God’s Law and earned eternal life for sinners in his life.

3. Q. What did the Lord Jesus Christ do in his death?
A. The Lord Jesus Christ suffered sin’s penalty for sinners in his death.

4. Q. What did the Lord Jesus Christ do in his resurrection?
A. The Lord Jesus Christ proved that sinners have been justified before God in his resurrection.

5. Q. Why do we call him Lord?
A. We call him Lord, because he is our Creator and our God and so we must obey him.

6. Q. Why do we call the Lord, Jesus?
A. We call the Lord, Jesus, because God sent his Son to save sinners.

7. Q. Why do we call the Lord Jesus, Christ?
A. We call the Lord Jesus, Christ, because God has anointed his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to reign as King over his people and conquer the world, the flesh, the devil and death.

8. Q. To what does God call us in the Gospel?
A. In the Gospel, God calls us to repent of our sins, receive Christ by faith, worship him in spirit and truth and obey him in thought, word and deed.


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  1. Hey John,
    I saw Q & A #4-… I like it, but it seems too much of a short hand look at it. While it looks like you are doing a snap-shot catechesis look at it… I had these thoughts on the matter… rather, I had thoughts from these men whom I have reading lately… just food for thought.

    The Resurrection of Christ from the Explanation to Luther’s Small Catechism

    145. Why is Christ’s resurrection so important and comforting?
    Christ’s resurrection proves that

    Christ is the Son of God;
    Rom. 1:4 [He was] declared with power to be the Son of God by His resurrection from the dead. B. His doctrine is the truth;
    John 2:19 Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.
    John 8:28 When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am the one I claim to be and that I do nothing on My own but speak just what the Father has taught Me.

    J Ligon Duncan said…
    If you go 2 Timothy 3:16, Paul tells us that Jesus was vindicated in the Spirit. When was He vindicated in the Spirit? He was vindicated when, as 2 Peter reminds us, He was raised, by the Spirit from the dead. God gave an incontrovertible testimony that His Son was the divine, living Son of God by the resurrection. That’s the first and most important thing that the resurrection witnesses to. It gives us proof of his deity.

    This gets to your point John…
    again from Ligon Duncan-
    Romans 24:25, Paul emphasizes that the resurrection is a testimony to the certainty of our justification. Our redemption rests upon the truth of Jesus’ resurrection. Look at what Paul says in Romans 4:25: “He, who was delivered up for our transgressions…” Jesus was delivered over, betrayed into the hands of His enemies in order that He would suffer in our place, for our transgressions; the first part of the clause. Then Paul goes on to say, “and was raised for our justification”. He was raised for the sake of our justification, for the purpose of our justification. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is that which gets us our justification, by grace. It is that which gets us the forgiveness of sin. It is that which gains, for us, our redemption. And so, our assurance of salvation rests upon the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The resurrection is not an afterthought. It is absolutely essential to our salvation.

    Paul tells us that the resurrection is the guarantee of our resurrection. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the guarantee of our resurrection. In Romans 8:13, here the apostle emphasizes, beginning in verse 11, this glorious truth -“if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies, through His Spirit who indwells you.” If the Spirit of Jesus dwells in you, and He is the Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead, so also He will raise your mortal bodies from the dead. In all these ways Paul points to the importance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ for us as believers.

  2. John D. Chitty | Reply

    Wow! Thanks for the info, brother!

    I’m glad you checked out my blog, and even more grateful you posted something over in these lonely parts of cyberspace!

    (Do I sound desparate enough?)

    You are right, I realize there is much more Christ’s resurrection signifies/achieves (I’m still working on squaring away that question), but I was “sticking to the point,” if you will, and allowing each question to play off of and build on the previous ones, which kept me in the narrow range I stayed.

    I really miss our conversations, I miss you, your family(immediate, that is, you know what I mean:)) but I’m really excited to finally learn that you’ve got a blog of your own! You’re a few months late notifying me about it, tsk-tsk!

    Keep your eye on my page, and I’ll do so for yours! I’m looking forward to your typically astute contributions to mine, and I’ll try not to drag the collective IQ down with my comments on yours.

    I predict blogging with Gage Browning will be one passion-filled experiment (experience)! LOL

  3. Thanks for your kind words John.
    P.S… I have a son now who is 10 weeks old, his name…

    John Calvin Thomas Browning.

    It had to me something like that didn’t it?


  4. Question about point #8.

    You said, God calls us in the gospel to “worship him in spirit and truth and obey him in thought, word and deed.”

    I am having a little trouble with this… maybe its in the wording. It seems to me that the gospel is just pure offer, and makes no demands. It seems to me that the gospel doesn’t require (like the law) does. I would rather distinguish commands to obey him, worship him etc… as law. Now, I will say, that all Christians, as brands plucked from the fire, should out of gratitude for their redemption do those things, and maybe that is what you mean. But as you know, I am always careful to distinguish law and gospel. The law makes demands, whereas the gospel is pure offer. Your thoughts?


  5. One other thing…

    I guess the reason I bring all of ths up, is to say, that I would worry about a gospel with law demands placed on it. Would I be not believing the gospel if I failed to “obey him in thought word and deed?” You know why I ask that… because I don’t “obey him in thought word and deed.”


  6. John D. Chitty | Reply

    Congratulations on the birth of your son! A good solid name, honoring two of the greatest teachers I’ve ever learned from!

    You’re right in pointing out that I have included the demands of the Law which come as our grateful response to the utterly free gospel. As you can tell be many of my previous posts, the proper distinction between Law and Gospel is a very important quality.

    Perhaps I’ll figure out how to revise it more clearly in the future, watch for an update.

  7. John,

    Good clarification…


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