Theological and Doxological Meditation #6


The Persons of God

Q. How many persons are there in the Godhead?

A.There are three persons in the Godhead,
the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost
(Matthew 28:19);
and these three are one God,
the same in substance,
equal in power and glory (1 John 5:7 KJV)

O God, We Praise Thee (click title to play)
#105, Trinity Hymnal (© 1990)
Te Deum, 4th Century
Translated in Tate and Brady’s
Supplement to the New Version, 1708

Scottish Psalter, 1615

O God, we praise thee; and confess
that thou the only Lord
and everlasting Father art,
by all the earth adored.

To thee all angels cry aloud;
to thee the pow’rs on high,
both cherubim and seraphim,
continually do cry.

O holy, holy, holy Lord,
whom heav’nly hosts obey,
the world is with the glory filled
of thy majestic ray.

Th’apostles’ glorious company
and prophets crowned with light,
with all he martyrs’ noble host ,
thy constant praise recite.

The holy church throughout the world,
O Lord, confesses thee,
that thou Eternal Father art,
of boundless majesty;

Thine honored, true and only Son;
and Holy Ghost, the Spring
of never-ceasing joy: O Christ,
of glory thou art King.


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  1. Hi SuperCalvin, just bumped into your blog. You sent me to the stake back in 1553. Your theology is contemptible and your ideas on salvation are despicable. Watch out …

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