Reformation Sunday, 2004 — Part One

October 31,2004, I had a rare privilege to give a Power Point presentation at Shady Grove Baptist Church on the life of Martin Luther and a short summary of the “Pillars of the Reformation,” the five “solas” which encircle Luther in the portrait to the right designed by David Jacks, owner of Theological Pursuits Bookstore, in Fort Worth, Texas. My thanks go to him for both this portrait and the burning bush logo I feature on this weblog (

In the previous post you should see an icon which reads “Play This Audio Post.” This is the first few minutes of my 14 minute, 45 second long presentation. Unfortunately, I exceeded the limit of the post, so you’ll have to endure something of a cliffhanger until I regroup and record the rest of the presentation in a future post very soon, tomorrow, God willing. Posted by Picasa


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