Profaned Pulpit

Profaned Pulpit: The Jack Schaap Story was written by one-time member of FBC Hammond, Ind., student of Hyles-Anderson College, and close personal friend of Jack Schaap, Jerry D. Kaifetz, Ph. D. The book is part analysis of how cultic tendencies can distort the ministry of a local church, part treatment for victims of such abuse, as well as Kaifetz’s prescription for how a church can prevent such cultic distortion through accountability among their own leadership and congregation.



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  1. I did read the book written by Mr. Kaifetz and was terribly disappointed. What he writes about concerning his former church and his former Pastor may well be true but it would be dangerous to cite this author for substantiation. Upon reading this quickly put together effort, one discovers bitterness dripping from every page. But why is this author so filled with rancor? He tells us in his own words. After going out and buying buttons to display his loyalty to his Pastor forever (I know it is hard to understand but that is what he said he did), we come to some kind of business arrangement that he entered into with another member of his church. Evidently this business arrangement went south and he decided to complain to his beloved Pastor whose button he proudly wore and even had extras made so others could wear them. He takes a friend with him to this conference whom he believes will support his position that he was being cheated out of thousands of dollars. When the Pastor does not agree with Mr. Kaifetz about being cheated out of thousands of dollars and when his friend even turns on him, off comes his button, he leaves his church and Pastor behind as well as “fundamentalism” and on comes a lifetime of slamming his Pastor, his church and for good measure anything that he thinks might be fundamental. Again, what he says took place in his church under the leadership of his formerly beloved Pastor may have happened but Mr. Kaifetz is really totally disqualified from writing about it because he seems so motivated by the money that he lost. His entire work can easily be reduced to a he said – she said narrative but in this case the motivation for Mr. Kaifetz’s charges is totally spelled out in his own words.

    On another note, I have read a couple of Mr. Kaifetz’s books and it would be impossible to miss just how full of himself he is. There is little room for the glory of Christ in anything he touches or does because it appears to be his own glory which is emphasized.

    Mr. Kaifetz efforts may well be the result of two Narcissists crossing paths and in that situation there was room for only one.

    Bob Fry

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