Breaking News–None Dare Call It Heresy (But One)!

This just in to the Daily Evangel news desk from the Facebook front. Captain Headknowledge has been witnessed being ambushed by heresy-hunter hunters in response to a link on the Word of Faith teachings of Joyce Meyer shared by his alter-ego, the mild-mannered (in most cases) and otherwise swell guy, John D. Chitty. There is no film to air at eleven, but you may view the exchange at this link

Is Captain Headknowledge a Judaizer for allegedly drawing the lines of orthodoxy too closely around the circumference of his own shoes? Is it right to turn our collective heads at Meyer’s Word of Faith blasphemous treatment of the gospel because some unassuming believers are encouraged or helped on a practical/emotional/thearpeutic level from her other teachings? See and judge (but not hypocritically) for yourself!

Captain Headknowledge is from Geneva, and he’s here to help–Rescuing vicitms of villainous theology since 2006.


5 responses

  1. You have some extremely ignorant people as Facebook friends. I’d start pruning my friend list ASAP!

    1. There, there, Andrew. I wouldn’t work with them on this if I didn’t love them all as much as I do.

      1. > …if I didn’t love them all as much as I do.

        Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

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