Wanna See Something Reeeal Scary?

YOU’RE A HYPOCRITE! from Everything Is Terrible! on Vimeo.

See also “The Old King James!” and “From Racist Ruckmanism to Reformed Theology.”

HT: Stuff Fundies Like

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  1. I didn’t know wearing “Matador Britches” was sinful! There goes my plans for Halloween! Actually I think it is more sad than scary. The scary part is how many people listen to him.

    1. That must be a reference to ladies’ capris. Yes, it truly is sad how fundamentalists can get so wrapped up in external moralism, while such hatred and murder flows out of their hearts. I was one who was morbidly entertained by Ruckman’s caustic speech about 18 years ago and read little other than his books and those that affirm his work. But the Lord used my wandering through that dark forest to help me see just how much more brightly shone the liberating rays of Reformed theology.

      1. I know what you mean. I grew up under Wesleyan Arminianism and later took the small step to Roman Catholicism. I thought surely only the REEEEALY bad people go to hell, God probably gives everyone a second chance after they die right? It was reading scripture like Romans 9 and listening to James White, R.C. Sproul and Michael Horton that opened my eyes to the truth. It has made me even more convinced that we NEED to share the Gospel.

        When people ask me why as a Calvinist I even care about other people’s theology, I ask them “If you saw your neighbor about to drive away from his house and knew there was something wrong with the brakes on his car, wouldn’t you try to stop him? Even if he said ‘My brakes are fine, I like them this way’ wouldn’t you try to convince him of the dangers of his ‘braking philosophy’?”

  2. Right. We’re just doing what Calvinists do naturally: reforming–ourselves and our neighbor. But our “dogmatic, didactic truth” (to borrow Ruckman’s term) is unwelcome in the context of modern American pluralism. They want us to stand idly by and watch the blind and their followers fall into ditches. Don’t stop trying to do something about it.

  3. An Old Saved Siiner | Reply

    John … Taking brother Pete out of context, and the words of God, seems to be something you waterdogs are naturally good at I suppose … Too much truth for you in his presentations? Yup, thought so.

    1. I’m sure that an Alexandrain cultist ate up with an advanced case of Ruckmanitis is just a pitiful sight to see, isn’t it?

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