Shooting Salvationist Author on Book-TV

David R. Stokes speaks before his book signing at the Fort Worth Sundance Square Barnes& Noble two blocks from the site of Norris' shooting of Chipps

This weekend C-SPAN2 is airing a speech delivered by David R. Stokes, the author of The Shooting Salvationist: J. Frank Norris and the Murder Trial that Captivated America (©2011 Steerforth Press) at a recent book signing in Austin, TX. It played last night at 9pm (Eastern), it has replayed once this morning, but you can still catch it one final time this afternoon at 3pm (Eastern). 

The program has already been added to the BookTV online archive, so it may be accessed there if you miss this afternoon’s showing.

Don’t forget to purchase your copy of The Shooting Salvationist at or from the book’s official website


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