From KJV Onlyism to Calvinism

Perhaps one day I’ll write something on how King James Onlyism opened my mind and heart to Reformed theology. It had a little to do with this book, The King James Version Defended, by Edward F. Hills.

In an attempt to bring the work of John William Burgon into the twentieth century, Hills, a Westminster Theological Seminary graduate (along with Yale, Harvard, Columbia Theological Seminary and the University of Chicago) made probably the most interesting case in favor of retaining the Textus Receptus as it has been translated in the KJV as the Protestant New Testament, applying the presuppositional apologetic of Cornelius Van Til who developed and taught it at Westminster Theological Seminary in order to arm confessional Reformed Presbyterians, among others, with a consistently Reformed, confessional and covenantal method for defending the faith.

I just got the 2006 edition of it in the mail today. It was updated in conjunction with the Encylcopedia Puritannica Project. Boy, I hope they didn’t screw it up! Hills deserves better than that! Here’s something I posted about this book in the past.


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  1. Is it a reprint or an update? Any different in content?

    By the way, my post about Sailhamer and the Song of Solomon is up today.

    1. The material hasn’t changed, only the typesetting. The blurb on the back cover was a little more radical than what one would expect out of Hills, so that didn’t quite fit, not that it was truly objectionable.

      I haven’t read it yet, just wanted to replace a copy I loaned out years ago and never got back. But now that my understanding of presuppositional apologetics is just beginning. I just wish I could’ve gotten a hardback edition. Hopefully I overlooked it, and can get one in the future.

      David Cloud’s site helped me out with a little autobiographical material by Hills on his thought process in the logic of faith. I’ve been mulling that over. Needless to say, I’m still doing my homework. This cake’s going to have to bake for a while. Speaking of which, tonight I’m going to the Full Confidence Conference where I’ll hopefully get a chance to meet K. Scott Oliphint, who is apparently Van Til’s current torch-bearer, plus he’s preaching at my church on Sunday (see Full Confidence post). Hopefully I can find the right questions about all of this while he’s with us. Pray for clarity of thought on my part.

      I’ll check out the Sailhamer post sometime this weekend and get back to you. Good to hear from you.

  2. […] OPC minister and Westminster Theological Seminary grad, Edward F. Hills (read it here), author of The King James Version Defended, which introduces the textual arguments of then Dean of Chichester, John William Burgon, the first […]

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