I <3 Gravatars!

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered all the extra features available for my “gravatar” and fell in love! If you don’t know what a gravatar is, look down at the “Recent Comments” widget in my sidebar. See the square picture of Captain Headknowledge next to a recent comment? Hover your pointer over it. Did the black box appear with links and a little about me? Now, do you see the recent comments by others at the same spot? A one-color design instead of a picture of themselves. To me, they look like square snowflakes. That means these guys haven’t signed up for a gravatar.

Since I took advantage of all of the gravatar’s features, it now also appears at the bottom of each of my blog posts. See below where it says, “About John D. Chitty?” Then it features my gravatar and to the right it shows my new slogan. If you don’t see it, that means you’re on the home page. Click on this posts link so you see the reply box. Now you should see it.

Watch the following video showing you what a gravatar can do for you, and then sign up at Gravatar.com. I’m tired of looking at those square snowflakes. I want to know more about you!


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