Two and a Half Hours Until the White/Moorman KJV Only Debate!

Be sure to visit this page to watch live the debate between Dr. James White and Dr. Jack Moorman of London, England debating the question “Should We Exclusively Use the King James Version?”

4 responses

  1. No info found. Got John Hagee preaching though which was really nice. Fantastic actually.

    1. Guess I should’ve restated that it would start at 3pm our time…

  2. Ok…Got it now…it’s only a little better then Hagee…since Hagee was really on his game!

    1. …but it was good to hear from you.

      Unfortunately, my computer is so old, and the drive is so bogged down, I don’t even have enough room to defrag it, so I probably saw a total of about 3 minutes of the thing between my deleting history, uninstalling programs and throwing overboard everything I could that wasn’t essential, but it was an exercise in futility. I need an IT guy.

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