The BBC is celebrating KJV400.

The BBC is promoting the 400th anniversary of the publication of the Authorized “King James” Version of the Bible. In order to do so, they are airing a series of radio reports entitled, “King James Bible–History and Readings.” Here’s how they introduce the series:

The King James Bible is one of the great English literary works. On the 400th anniversary of its publication, a series of documentaries and readings explore its history and enduring appeal. Features James Naughtie, Simon Schama, Rowan Williams, Emilia Fox, Toby Stephens and others.

The first installment aired today, but you can subscribe to a podcast that follows this series by visiting their site at the link below:

BBC – Podcasts – King James Bible – History and Readings.

For your reading pleasure, peruse this site’s blogs posted under the category of “King James Version.”


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