Understanding KJV-Onlyism

Understanding Our Times with Kevin Thompson has invited Bob Hayton of the blogs Fundamentally Reformed, KJV-Only Debate, and RE:Fundamentals to guest host the show tomorrow night at 5pm central time. It will be a call-in discussion hosted by Bob and his compatriot in Debating KJV-Onlyism, Damien Garofalo. Bob has been interviewed before about Fundamentalism and his journey to Calvinism on Understanding Our Times as well as Iron Sharpens Iron (a traditional radio show out of Long Island, NY–listen here).

Here’s Bob’s announcement if you desire more information.


4 responses

  1. John,

    Thanks for spreading the word. Feel free to call in if you’re not busy during that time slot. How’d you like the Dr. Robinson interview?

    1. I signed up for a reminder at BlogTalkRadio. I’ll see if I can come up with a question. Can’t wait to hear you again.

  2. Oh one other thing. Why do you have a picture of such a crazy looking guy on here??? LOL

    1. I found it on a Wanted poster in post office. Your true identity remains confidential. 😉

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