President Reagan’s “Evil Empire” Speech

This week, I’m on vacation in California. Today, I’m about to visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. Here’s their website; here’s their YouTube page; and here’s Reagan’s famous “Evil Empire” Speech…


2 responses

  1. Visited the library in September…it was awesome. Had dinner under Air Force One and met John MacArthur. Had a blast…tour everything…it’s worth it.


  2. It really was awesome! You met John MacArthur, and my son and nephew recognized some kid who plays in Everybody Hates Chris. I have no idea who he is.

    Toured it all, and enriched the gift shop.

    Tomorrow, we’re visiting Christ Reformed in Anaheim. Brought Man of Sin for Dr. Riddlebarger to sign. 🙂 I plan to ask him if he was aware that he was a tourist attraction…

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