Jesus Storybook Bible as a bible study material (via Mission NPIC)

The next time you’re in a Christian bookstore, see if you can find this book on their shelves. If so, look through it and you’ll see why this story makes perfect sense. I recall seeing a blogpost back when this book was first published that quoted the author’s pastor, Tim Keller, as saying that every pastor should read this book, because it would improve their preaching. It really is true!

Jesus Storybook Bible as a bible study material We are very excited about using Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones as the main read for our bible study with the Cambodian students. At first, you would think it as odd to use a children’s book for grown-up college students. But, upon reading and looking at the book, you will immediately realize that this book is not just for kids (see “What the Bible is Not” on The Gospel Coalition blog). With gorgeous eye-catching illustrations, it conv … Read More

via Mission NPIC


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