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Bob Hayton, of the Fundamentally Reformed blog, which is featured in my blogroll, was interviewed yesterday on the Iron Sharpens Iron radio show regarding the theme of his blog, “Reforming Fundamentalism through Reformed theology.” Bod discusses the issues he has with the Independent, Fundamental Baptist movement in general, his experiences within it and as he and his brother were leaving it, and explains the key ingredient that makes Reformed theology such a draw: the gospel of Jesus Christ, not only preached to unbelievers for their justification, but also applied on a consistent basis to believers for their sanctification. The life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ is the one thing that will free a believer, not only from the guilt of sin, not only the ongoing power of sin, as the believer is built up in the message of God’s grace in Jesus Christ, but also from the need for legalistic standards and divisive forms of “separatism.”

Also, ten minutes from the end of the show, you’ll be treated to my call-in question, and Bob’s insightful answer. Click on the link below to listen. Don’t be deterred by the Spanish language programming at the beginning of the podcast–Iron Sharpens Iron will begin directly…

\20100308–“Reforming Fundamentalism Through Reformed Theology\”


3 responses

  1. Thanks for the shout out, John. I was excited to get a caller.

    Got to catch up on the misadventures over here…

    Blessings, bro.


    (BTW you have “Bod” instead of “Bob” in there once…)

    1. You’re not missing much. Haven’t been blogging very frequently of late. So tell me, how’d you get the opportunity to be on the show?

      Thanks for the proofreading.

      1. John,

        I honestly don’t know. 8 days before the show, I received an email from the host saying he found my website fascinating and wanted to interview me.

        That’s all I know.

        Hope all is well in Fort Worth.

        In Christ,


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