Thinking Critically About Conspiracy Theories

illuminatiConspiracy theories abound. The New World Order; the JFK assasination; Government cover-up of UFO’s; Government involvement in the 9/11 attacks; faking the moon landing; you name it. Saint and sinner alike is distracted by claims of nefarious activities going on behind the scenes of many important events and incidents in our country and around the world.

 How can you discern whether the claims you’re hearing are misguided conspiracy theories or the unvarnished truth? Ken Samples explains how on a recent episode of the conservative Lutheran radio show and podcast, Issues, Etc. Listen and learn here.


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  1. You forgot KJV Only beliefs about the Alexandrian cult being behind modern Bible versions…..

    1. There are so many, it’s hard to select a decent representative sample that all could relate to. The vast majority of my silent readers aren’t even necessarily familiar with that one, but it’s definitely one I had to work through. Thanks for bringing it up, Bob. But I must say, oh how liberating life has been since I joined the Alexandrian Cult 😉

  2. thanks for the link. I’ll be listening. this is a topic that’s really interested me lately. do you know if there are any books or websites that deal with conspiracies within Christianity, such as the one Bob mentioned? KJVO probably takes the cake, but other issues within Christianity have been laden with conspiracy theories, and if there is no source documenting these, I think it’s time someone produces one.

    1. The only “conspiracies within Christianity” that I can think of are the myriad theories and fears that all generally fall under the heading of “New World Order” in my mind. Fears regarding the activities of the Bildebergers, the Illuminati and things like that which would be shared with even non-Christian patriotic Americans who don’t want to see their beloved country hi-jacked by international socialism. But as for any resources along those lines I haven’t checked.

    2. This webpage looks interesting for starters. It’s called Christians and Conspiracy Theories: A Call to Repentance. Haven’t read the whole thing yet, but thought you might appreciate some of what it has to say.

  3. thanks for the link, that was a refreshing article! he hit on a point that I wanted to highlight (i’m sort of jealous he got to it first, but there’s nothing new under the sun I suppose) – namely, that conspiracy theories contradict the concept of revelation. he also added other great points.

    as far is conspiracies within Christianity, all you have to do is pick up a Jack Chick tract. From stories of Jesuits to Free Masons to The Pope starting Islam, he’s got it all.

    1. How silly of me! I dropped out of Baptist Bible College reading Chick tracts and Alberto comics! I was even scared to have my son born in the superior Catholic hospital in Springfield, MO, because I didn’t want him born in a place where they have crucifixes hanging in every room! Didn’t want to contract a demon, you know. 🙂

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