Tullian’s “Unfashionable” Book Tour

Tullian and Kim TchividjianThe new pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Rev. Tullian Tchividjian (last name rhymes with “religion”), is making the rounds promoting his book, Unfashionable. Last week, he appeared on James Robison’s television talk show along with his wife, Kim.

This show is filmed not five miles from my house, but I missed when they were in town for the shooting several weeks ago, otherwise, you probably would have been able to spot my wife and me in the audience. Guess I need to put my name back on the Life Today email list so I’m prepared when people I’ll actually want to see are in town. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen.

The episode was broadcast last week, but you can view it online here, and read about it at Tchividjian’s own blog here. Also, here’s the search results for “unfashionable” at his blog which lists the posts that contain more about the book.

It turns out that this Unfashionable author’s interview with the White Horse Inn  was this Sunday morning as well. You can listen to this more in-depth interview here.

You can read about the book at the Multnomah Books website here.

On the Robison show, Tchividjian cites an anecdote from the life of his legendary grandfather, Billy Graham, who back in the 1950’s was approached by a Hollywood celebrity who gave him the kind of advice about which his grandson now writes. The celebrity told Graham: “Don’t ever try to do Hollywood, because Hollywood will always do it better than you. You give this world the one thing Hollywood can’t–the timeless truth of the Gospel.” That’s similar to one of my mottoes: Leave the entertainment to the entertainers, and leave the ministry to the ministers. The church and the world will both be the better for it.


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    1. Thanks for the heads up, Gage.

  1. A look at my blog stats tells me no one has watched the video yet. You’ll not only get a light presentation of the material in his book, you’ll also get the story of how he rebelled, met his wife, and came back to the Lord. The segment’s not even 25 minutes long. Surely someone’s got time!

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