White Horse Inn Website Redesign

share-logo-shield-medium-textIf you haven’t checked out the newly redesigned website of the White Horse Inn  radio show, featuring a panel of two presbyterian-type Reformed minister/scholars (Michael Horton and Kim Riddlebarger, a Calvinistic Baptist pastor (Rev. Ken Jones) and a Lutheran seminary professor (“Dad” Rod Rosenblat), talking about the doctrines of the Reformation and how they apply to current issues in American Evangelicalism, you really ought to check it out. I don’t know how many new resources have been added to the site, but the new format really makes them all a lot more accessible in my opinion. Here’s the outline of tabs, with several links on many of them, that will be at your disposal:

  1. Home
  2. White Horse InnWhite Horse Inn, Broadcast Archives, Upcoming Topics, Radio Stations
  3. Modern Reformation
  4. First Time VisitorsFirst Time Visitors, Guest Book, Newsletter
  5. Support Us
  6. About UsContact Us, Testimonials, Share WHI
  7. ResourcesResources, News, Events, Free Articles
  8. Blog
  9. F.A.Q.

If you’ve never listened to the show, and fear that a theological talk show may go over your head, I ask you to give it a try, and see if the chemistry between these co-hosts doesn’t hook you and keep you coming back. Although the topics are serious theological issues, the way the hosts interact is often light-hearted and entertaining. I think you’ll find it not only a fascinating show, but also an entertaining one.

The image included on this post is a link to the website, and you’ll notice that it may also be found in my sidebar. There it shall remain as a reminder to you to not let a week pass that you do not listen to an episode of the White Horse Inn. A new episode is broadcast every Sunday.


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