Derek Thomas on the Regulative Principle of Worship

biblePut simply, it’s about worshiping God according to Scripture.

Don’t miss Christ the Center, episode 80, “The Regulative Principle of Worship.”

The Reverend Derek Thomas, Minister of Teaching at First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, Mississippi, first explains the threefold aspects of worship– form, element, and circumstance–then demonstrates that the Reformed emphasis on the Regulative Principle of Worship (RPW) is not merely an invention of the Puritans, as J.I. Packer and others maintain, but is the application of the Reformation ideal of Sola Scriptura. In other words, the final authority of Scripture in the faith and practice of the church is the foundation on which the RPW is built. Rev. Thomas is also very helpful on many debatable issues like the frequency and symbolisms of the Lord’s Supper and the appropriateness of the inclusion of original hymnody and musical instruments in New Covenant worship. Finally, he makes a compelling and edifying case for Sunday evening worship. Would that more churches returned to such a practice in the interests of keeping holy the Lord’s Day.

Listen and learn a little more about what it means to worship God according to Scripture by Reading the Word, Praying the Word, Singing the Word and Hearing the Word Preached.


3 responses

  1. john

    after reading your closing remarks: “….Listen and learn a little more about what it means to worship God ….”, I would say if you don’t listen, you don’t learn and maybe God is not going to listen and receive your worship because you didn’t listen and learn a little more about what it means to worship God! 🙂

    Hmmmmm, how did I get off on that? LOL

  2. Listening now. . . good stuff so far.

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