Calvinists Make “Craig’s List”

Critic of Calvinism, William Lane Craig

Critic of Calvinism, William Lane Craig

Tuesday on Reformed apologist James White’s webcast, The Dividing Line, Dr. White was playing clips of an interview with evidentialist apologist William Lane Craig in which he discusses how much respect he has for Roman Catholicism, yet why he continues to remain a Protestant. Craig’s language is awash with his politically correct manner as he ever so politely points out that the doctrine of justification by faith alone is “a key Protestant insight.” Insight? Martin Luther called it the doctrine on which the church stands or falls, but Dr. Craig presents it simply as an  insight. Well, Dr. Luther–you discovered that the Bible teaches that “The just shall live by faith”? How insightful! Somehow, it just doesn’t seem to work.

At one point in the program, Dr. White takes a call from a man who informs him that he sent Dr. White a disk with a debate between William Lane Craig and arch-atheist, Christopher Hitchens. The caller informed Dr. White that Hitchens asks Craig if there is any Christian group he considers to be truly heretical. Astonishingly, Dr. William Lane Craig, who happens to hold to a doctrine of God’s sovereign election developed by a Jesuit priest (yes, that’s Roman Catholic) named Luis de Molina (the doctrine is called “Molinism“–a doctrine James White considers to be about as realistic as Star Trek), bypasses the Roman Catholic doctrine of justification by faith and works, and pins the heresy tail on that pesky doctrine called Calvinism! Yeah, according to William Lane Craig, there are a lot of born again Roman Catholics running around, but you better watch out for that doctrine that was affirmed by the majority of the earliest Protestants.

It was this little episode that got Angel Contrares’ creative juices flowing. Angel is the professional clown caricaturist who drew my picture of Captain Headknowledge for this blog. You really need to visit James White’s blogpost on this and see Angel’s latest creation! It’s a beaut!


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  1. Wow, John, yes, a beaut!

    What surprises me most is that the enemy has not started the great ground swell necessary for the Bride to call out “Come”, yet.

    Give it some time and articles like these, especially now that the internet and blogs and facebook and twitter are coming into their own!

    By any and all pious means, let the Gospel go forth to every creature for a witness and then the end shall come!

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