If it’s good enough for Moses . . .

Just kidding. This video was linked to on the Facebook King James Bible fan page, and I’m a big fan of Chuck’s (we even share a birthday–Oct. 4!), so I just wanted to post this. Most of what he says are the right reasons to love the Authorized King James Version. There are, unfortunately, a lot of wrong reasons to love it going around. Listen to Moses . . .


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  1. I have preached from the KJV for 40 years. But it is still a translation.

    1. Amen, Charles! May God bless your ministry as you preach his law and gospel.

  2. “Thou”, “Thee”, “Thy”; not though, were permitted during the time of James the King! 🙂

    Not so now that thou, thee, they and though, these things, they are and are not permitted; but, some say James the King’s only English shalt thou goeth! 🙂

    Dost thou knowest? I know! 🙂

    What’s up with that, oh man, if thou canst thee tell? Tell it!

    1. Darest I to answer thee, thou mightest sumise thy servant speaketh with fork-ed tongue 😉

  3. Capt.,
    We cherish it because we are most familiar with it. The translation is not the best, and there are more than enough reasons to leave our speaking “King James English” behind. I thought you were hight on ESV????


    1. You’re exactly right on all counts. It is cherished due to familiarity, it’s translation leaves much to be desired, the “King’s English” is an unnecessary hurdle, and I am an ESV fan. Part of the reason I’m an ESV fan is that it is a more direct descendant of the KJV than the NIV or even the NASB, and retains many of the features learned from the KJV that were abandoned by other modern translations. The ESV’s intro will explain more about that … http://www.esv.org/translation/kjv

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