The Denomination Blues

In case you don’t know, I’m a music lover. And although I decidedly come down on the “traditional” side in the worship wars (in fact, I just got my “Organ Music Rocks” t-shirt from Old Lutheran dot com!), I happen to enjoy some of the music produced by some of those who may differ with me on that issue, I just happen to reserve it “for entertainment purposes only”. Not that I don’t find it edifying as well, at times.

For instance, when it comes to Southern Gospel music, there is very little that I can stand for very long. One or two songs and I’m pretty well done. Any more than that, and I start getting visibly uncomfortable. But not so in the case of Reformed Presbyterian harmonica player extraordinaire, Buddy Greene (visit his official site). I could listen to him all day. I just added a few YouTube videos of Greene excercising his gift to my personal YouTube page (you can visit it here). The first song is “Denomination Blues” (no harmonica in this one) and he pokes fun at a few select denominations, starting with his own (even false churches like Roman Catholicism and Unitarianism). But I was surprised that he didn’t have a verse on the Baptist denomination. If you can write a good one in the vein of  Buddy Greene’s song, post it in the comments. I’ll add mine when I come up with one, too.

Here’s one where he pulls out his harmonica. It’s one of my all-time favorite songs, “God Is With Us.” This has more of a black gospel feel to it:


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  1. […] s Dynamic Drivel added an interesting post on The Denomination BluesHere’s a small excerptIn case you don’t know, I’m a music lover. […]

  2. Ok John, now that you got my hands clapping and my foot snapping, HOW DO I GET THEM TO STOP? grrrrrr!

    Thanks for sharing Green today! wow!!

    Now, if only he had long hair and a drum and feathers in his hair, he would certainly be welcome at our Christian pow wow, wow, wow, wow! 🙂

  3. How do you snap with your foot? Sounds painful! Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for commenting.

  4. When you look at the video you see the guy’s leg going up and down, tap tap tap, snap snap snap!

    I have been listening to several of the youtube videos and my wow is now WOW WOW.

    If he only grew his hair long, painted his face, worn buckskin fringed Indian garments and feathers, we would do well in our Christian Indian Pow Wow’s!

  5. Okay, here’s my Bapitst verse. . .

    Now, the Baptists multiply by dividing, that’s true,
    But on one thing they agree, that’s how much water gets on you,
    That’s all! I tell ya’, that’s all . . .
    But you better have Jesus,
    I tell ya’, that’s all!

  6. okay,

    you pushed it!

    Here’s my “Indian, Native American rant”

    The cowboys attacked the indians first, nothing new
    the indians were here first, so what’s all the holla ba lue?

    That’s all! I tell ya’, that’s all history can do

    But you better have Jesus, I tell ya’
    I tell ya, He died for us indians too!

  7. I think we’re getting off topic, but thanks for jamming with me.

  8. I love it! Message is right on point. He is one very talented guy, for sure.


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