What’s in the Captain’s iPod This Week?

I don’t see anybody doing this anymore, but now that I’ve got an iPod, I thought I’d take a stab from time to time at promoting some of my favorite sources ofcapts-ipod Reformed broadcasting and webcasting. This way, all the “True Believers”* out there can listen to what Captain Headknowledge listens to, too!

White Horse Inn, “Christ In a Post-Christian Culture

Reformed Forum, “The Reformed Media Review #3

The Dividing Line, “20090102” (James takes calls and continues his discussion of KJVOnlyism)

Dr. J. Ligon Duncan, “Communion in God’s Providence (Luke 1:39-45 morning sermon Dec. 28 at FPC, Jackson, MS)

Hymns of the Faith, “Rejoice the Lord is King (FPC, Jackson pastors, Ligon Duncan and Derek Thomas discuss with Bill Wymand(?) the music, theology and history related to the hymn which serves as the title of this episode)

Dr. Phil Ryken, “From Futility to Glory (Dr. Ryken of Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, PA, preaches from the text Romans 8:20-21)

Dr. Hamp Linehan, “The Faithfulness of God(Dr. Linehan, pastor of First Baptist Church, Richland Hills, TX, preaches the last of his eleven-sermon series, “The Living and True God”)

Rev. Tom Browning, “Who For Us and Our Salvation He Came Down (The Assistant Pastor of Grace Community Presbyterian Church, Fort Worth, TX, preaches from John 1:1-14).

* For those of you who didn’t grow up reading Marvel Comics, “True Believer” is what Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee calls his readers, so, no, I’m not questioning the salvation of those of you who don’t follow my blog regularly.


3 responses

  1. Now I see why people haven’t continued this custom. Whew! I’m winded.

  2. Capt.,
    How disappointed I am! Oh. . .never mind – you said “Reformed.”


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