Salvation Full and Free

A couple of years ago, I tried to put Ephesians 1:3-14 to music. But nothing ever came that enabled me to carry the ESV translation of this great passage on the joint sovereign work of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit over into a singable tune. But I did come up with the following little ditty that is more inspired by the passage than it is based on it’s text. I don’t have a recording of this song, even though I did sing it at church once.

I don’t know how it reads without knowing the tune, but, believe me, it may not read well as a simple poem, but it does work as a song. It’s short enough, and the tune is lively enough, that I actually kind of consider this my one praise chorus. Hope it doesn’t ruin it for you, but it’s kind of got that feel when you sing it, only it’s a little more raw and doesn’t sound quite like a commercial jingle like so much “P & W music.”

Salvation Full and Free

Slaves to sin/no good within/to merit our Father’s electing love

Redeemed in Christ/our sin debt paid/forgiven freely by God’s grace

Called to new life (by grace)/By the Spirit’s power (through faith)/Sealed to guarantee our inheritance in Christ

Salvation full and free!

If I ever get a recording of it, I’ll post it. Tomorrow I’ll post another song which I’ve never sung in worship yet, and as of yet have no prospects of doing so.


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