At Last! The Captain on Luther–Audio!

lutherrose.jpgluther_back_sm.jpgOn Reformation Sunday, 2004, which happened to be Reformation Day itself, myluther_back_sm.jpgluther_back_sm.jpg Southern Baptist pastor allowed me to give an oral presentation on Martin Luther at church. Not being a trained, or even talented, speaker, I desired a crutch, so I put together a Power Point slide show to illustrate my presentation. I thought it would also help me make it through my outline as well. I always hoped I’d be able to share it with you, but back when I did the show, I was even more green computer-wise than I am now, so I just recently figured out how to get one of those “My Public Box” thingies in my sidebar and uploaded it. If you’d like to listen, you are certainly invited.

Some of you Luther scholars out there may detect a less than accurate date or fact or two, but give me a break, I’m an amateur. I did what I could with what I had. So, without further ado, if you go over to the black box in the sidebar and click on the top selection, entitled “Reformation Sunday and Gideon Report” (that’s right those Gideons, remeber them?), then you can give it a listen. I know it’s not October or anything, but some of you may enjoy it, if you like mediocre speaking. You can also view the slide show below. . .




5 responses

  1. great powerpoint John!!!

  2. It’s great to know that there are some SBC churches that are not totally opposed to the idea behind being protestant.

    Gage Browning
    Post Tenebras Lux

  3. Gage,

    That’s only independents. Southern Baptists can tell that Scripture teaches that God has made ONE body from both Jews and Gentiles. They do not participate in the schism caused by those who confess “one holy catholic church.” And I for one am grateful.

  4. Michael,

    Thanks, Mike. I’m excited to learn how to post it to my blog for once. Last year I figured out how to post the images individually, but this is much better.

    Last year, you requested a copy of it to share with your “disciples.” Was it beneficial?

  5. yes, very much so.

    We have decided to teach Latin to the youngest, and music accompanied with musical instruments too!

    The hands that rock the craddles of young disciples prepare to rock the world!

    Onward with more powerpoints too!

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