The Apostle Paul Walked Here!

s5000112.jpgHere I am on “main street” in the ruins of Corinth. I’m told it’s likely Paul used this road to get where he was going when he was in Corinth, but Dr. William Tolar (former dean of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and professor of Biblical or Theological History–I forget which) says he doesn’t think scholarship is on the side of Paul’s using it when he first arrived in the area. I’m not a Paul scholar, so that’s all Greeks5000087.jpg to me!

Here’s a picture of a “bema seat” to which Paul alludes in his writings.

Sorry so sloppy. I’m still new at uploading my own photos to my blog.


One response

  1. Don’t worry about what Dr. Tolar said…let’s just assume Paul was there…the story goes better that way.

    Gage Browning
    Post Tenebras Lux

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