Martin Luther, or Martin Luther King?

martin_luther_nailing_theses_1.jpgMartin Luther KingEvery October when I start warming up for the coming of Reformation Day, I start telling friends around me about Martin Luther. I am becoming troubled, however, that the more I talk about him with more and more people, more and more people are not thinking of the German monk who posted his 95 Theses on the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, but when I say the name “Martin Luther,” they hear, “Martin Luther King”! This ought not to be so!

In the interest of raising awareness about the difference between Martin Luther and Martin Luther King, I have written the following quiz. Each question will describe something about one or the other figure, and it is your job to pick the right answer, either A) Martin Luther, B) Martin Luther King, or C) Both. Post your answers, and any comments you may have, in the comments section.

Have fun, and Happy Reformation Day!

1.   Which is African-American?

2.   Which is German?

3.   Which belonged to a religious order that was named after an African theologian?

4.   Which delivered his “I have a dream” speech?

5.   Which delivered his “Here I stand” speech?

6.   Which was born in the 20th Century?

7.   Which was born in the 16th Century?

8.   Which advocated religious reform?

9.   Which advocated civil rights for African-Americans?

10. Which was assassinated?

11.  Which was kidnapped?

12.  Which authored “Bondage of the Will”?

13.  Which likely had ancestors who were literally in bondage?

14.  Which translated the New Testament into German?

15.  Which was a Baptist?

16.  Which founded the Lutheran denomination?

17.  The birthday of which can get you a day off work?

18.  Which advocated non-violent resistance?


4 responses

  1. Something fun to do while I am sick on this Reformation day. Thanks John.
    1. B
    2. A
    3. A
    4. B
    5. A
    6. B
    7. A
    8. A
    9. B
    10. B
    11. A
    12. A
    13. B
    14. A
    15. B
    16. A
    17. B
    18. C
    You forgot “Which one has more streets in America named after him?”

  2. 100%!

    And that was a good suggestion for another question. To illustrate your point, here in the D/FW area, we have a Martin Luther King Jr. Frwy, but over by my dad’s house, there is a cul de sac called, Luther Court. Actually it’s a pretty neat line of courts near Fort Worth Christian School–there’s Moody Court, Spurgeon Court, Wesley Court, Whitefield Drive as well as the one named after the Reformer of the day.

    Get well soon, Brother!

  3. MLKJr was a Baptist? Say it isn’t so!!

  4. Say it isn’t so? Whyever not, Will?

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